People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/11/5 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 6)

Nicholas, bishop of the Isles, makes known that whatever liberties [Reginald], king of the Isles, assigned to monks of Furness of choosing a bishop of the Isles, whose seat is called the bishopric of Sodor, has been ratified; which liberties their high-priests established to the monks. The seat of bishopric being vacant, said monks, who had right of election, agreed unanimously by common assent for his election.
Firm date
1210 X 24 January 1225
Probable date
1210 × 1217 or 1217 × 24 Jan. 1225
Dating Notes
Consecration × death of Bishop Nicholas (Koli) or election × resignation of Bishop Nicholas de Meaux
Source for Data Entry
Furness C.B., ii, part III, no. 6
Trad. ID
Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 6
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