People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/10/62 (SEA, i, no. 179)

Richard, bishop of St Andrews, at the presentation of Walter son of Alan, has given, granted, and made firm by this charter to the monks of the religious house of Paisley, the churches of Innerwick (ELO) and Legerwood (BWK) with all their rightful appurtenances and those parsons canonically instituted in those churches. He wishes that the monks hold those churches with full right in perpetual alms for their uses and for the maintenance of their house, at their choice in their own hands or others’ through procurators or farmers, as freely and quietly as the rest of the religious in the diocese hold other churches. Reserving to him and his successors the episcopal dues.
Firm date
28 March 1165 X 1172
Dating Notes
Consecration of Bishop Richard × death of William, abbot of Holyrood.
Source for Data Entry
Scottish Episcopal Acta, i, no. 179
Trad. ID
SEA, i, no. 179
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