People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/646/12 (Scone Lib., no. 95)

John Clerk, son of Matthew, lorimer of Perth, makes known that since the dispute in the burgh court of Perth between himself and Sir Robert, abbot, and the convent of Scone Abbey, over the lands that William, of good memory, king of Scotland, gave to Hugh, lorimer, and which land William of Lynn, burgess of Perth, bought with his money and gave to the abbot and convent of Scone. John recognises the right of the abbot and convent to the land, and he has quitclaimed his right to the abbot and convent by its right marches, as according to the charter of Sir William, king of Scotland, and his son, King Alexander’s confirmation. This recognition and quitclaim was made at Perth on the aforesaid land (in predicta terra) in the presence of the burgesses of that town, in May 1245. He took a bodily oath to observe the quitclaim faithfully, and if it happens that he disregards his oath rashly against the quitclaim, he shall try to come to the abbot and convent to be sued, whether in a civil or ecclesiastical forum.
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May 1245
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1245 in the month of May
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Scone Liber, no. 95
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Scone Lib., no. 95
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