People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/40/7 (Inchaff. Chrs., no. 66)

Adam de Prebenda, dean, and the chapter church of Dunkeld make known that they have granted and by their charter established the inspections and instruments of John I, Richard, John II, Hugh, Gilbert and Geoffrey, bishops of Dunkeld, concerning the donations, grants and confirmations made to the poor monastery of Inchaffray called ‘Insula Missarum’ of the church of Madderty (PER) and the land called the apdaine of Madderty, and concerning the quitclaim of cain and conveth which the clergy of Dunkeld formerly used to receive from the same apdaine. Also, that the church of Madderty may convert the temporal goods for their own uses and causing the church to be served by a suitable chaplain or, if they wish, by another canon of their congregation, saving episcopal dues, rendering annually to the bishop of Dunkeld one mark only, half at Pentecost and half at Martinmas, in lieu of every exaction, custom and secular service; also, they quitclaim to the abbot and monastery the cain and conveth which the clergy of Dunkeld used to receive from the said apdaine, and all right and claims which Dunkeld happened to possess, receiving into perpetual brotherhood and participation in the spiritual benefits of Dunkeld, saving one pound of incense paid yearly at Pentecost as a free gift in the name of brotherhood.
Firm date
2 January 1239
Dating Notes
4 non. Jan., 1238
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Source for Data Entry
Inchaffray Chrs., no. 66
Trad. ID
Inchaff. Chrs., no. 66
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Original (contemporary)
Earl of Kinnoull, Dupplin Charters no. 116

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
2 Jan. 1239 Cain and Conveth formerly received Clergy of Dunkeld