People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/7/95 (RRS, iii, no. 93)

King Alexander II for Bernard of Hadden; has granted that they may commute, for 20s. annually at Pentecost, service of ward owed at king's castle of Roxburgh from their knight's feu, save in event of war or some other emergency when, if they are required to perform castle-ward at Roxburgh for forty days, or to serve in army at king's command north of Forth or south of Border, they are to be excused from paying 20s. that year; on condition that, whether they have done their ward, paid money or campaigned in army, they ought to defend castle or serve in army should an emergency arise and if need be. If they pay aid due from their feu when a common aid is levied throughout king's lands, they need not pay 20s. that year, or do ward in castle.
Firm date
4 December 1223 X 3 December 1224
Probable date
prob. late June 1224
Dating Notes
Regnal year [10]
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
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Source for Data Entry
RRS, iii, no. 93
Trad. ID
RRS, iii, no. 93
Calendar number
Charter type
Document type notes
Formerly H1/7/106; Handlist, no. 314

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
4 Dec. 1223 X 3 Dec. 1224 chancellor William del Bois, chancellor (d.1232)
4 Dec. 1223 X 3 Dec. 1224 earl of Buchan William Comyn, earl of Buchan (d.1233)
4 Dec. 1223 X 3 Dec. 1224 justiciar of Scotia William Comyn, earl of Buchan (d.1233)
4 Dec. 1223 X 3 Dec. 1224 justiciar of Lothian Walter Oliphant, justiciar of Lothian (son of Walter) (d.1242)
4 Dec. 1223 X 3 Dec. 1224 chamberlain Henry Balliol (d.1246)