People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/7/122 (RRS, iii, no. 119)

King Alexander II for church of Moray and Bishop Andrew; has given land of Rothiemurchus (INV), in exchange for lands which Bishop Andrew claimed in king's forests, that is, one and a half davochs in forest of Cullen (BNF) at 'Calruneleu' and 'Belethyn', a half-davoch in clearing of Morgrund (i.e., Longmorn, near Elgin, MOR), a quarter-davoch in Pluscarden (MOR), a half-davoch in Darnaway (MOR) and, in same forest (of Darnaway), a half-davoch on other side of River Findhorn opposite church of Logie (MOR), thirty acres of land in Whitefield (now Foynesfield) at Rait (NAI), and fifteen acres of land at 'Duldauy' (now Culdoich, INV), reserving to bishop other lands and pastures which he and his predecessors justly possessed in king's forests before this grant. He has granted that Bishop Andrew may hold land of Rothiemurchus in forest; and prohibits anyone to fell timber or hunt there without his licence, on pain of full forfeiture of £10.
Firm date
31 March 1226
Dating Notes
Last day of March, regnal year 12
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RRS, iii, no. 119
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RRS, iii, no. 119
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Formerly H1/7/129; Handlist, no. 102

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