People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/7/221 (RRS, iii, no. 214)

King Alexander II announces that when he attended obsequies and interment of Lady Ermengarde, the queen, his mother, at Balmerino he undertook to acquit abbot and convent of annual ferme of 40 marks which they owed to Arbroath Abbey for church of Barry (ANG). He therefore gives to monks of Arbroath, for their quitclaim of said 40 marks to monks of Balmerino, 'Deseun' (in Udny, ABD) which is two davochs, Cairnbrogie (ABD) which is one davoch, 'Hathkery' (now Auquhorthies, ABD) and Tillycairn (ABD) which are one davoch, 'Brekkereth' (probably Braiklay, ABD) which is a half-davoch, and Tillyhilt (ABD), which is a quarter-davoch. The king quitclaims to Arbroath Abbey common aid due from these lands, and has granted that they may be held in free forest. No one is to fell timber or hunt there without monks' licence, on pain of king's full forfeiture of £10.
Firm date
25 December 1234
Dating Notes
25th day of December, regnal year 21
Place date (modern)
St Andrews
Place date (document)
Sanctum Andream
Related Place
St Andrews
Source for Data Entry
RRS, iii, no. 214
Trad. ID
RRS, iii, no. 214
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Document type notes
Formerly H1/7/221; Handlist, no. 193

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