People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/80/1 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, 712)

Alan, abbot of Rushen in Man, ratifies election which prior and convent of Furness made, that is, Nicholas [of Meaux], their abbot ...consenting to their choice [according to customs], bishopric of Isles being vacant of their distinguished pastor; [...] N[icholas], present by right [to be?] elected. They have unanimously and affectionately consented to [election of] Nicholas [...] Alan, abbot of Man, who took part with said convent of Furness in their chapter; consenting to election were following: Dermod, archdeacon of Man; William of York, prior of Rushen in Man; W., Martin, Marius (?), Guthmund and Thorald, monks of Man; Michael, chaplain.
Firm date
1217 X 9 November 1219
Dating Notes
Election of Nicholas of Meaux as bishop of the Isles × known to have been consecrated by this date
Source for Data Entry
Furness Coucher Book, ii, pt. 3, 712
Trad. ID
Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, 712
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
Right side of document destroyed

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
1217 X 9 Nov. 1219 Confirmation of election of Nicholas de Meaux yes