People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/12/11 (NRS, RH 1/2/31)

William Comyn, earl of Buchan, for Sir Gilbert de Hay, knight; has granted, given and by his charter established 'Huctercule in Mar' (Wester Coull, ABD), with Idonea his daughter in free marriage, having and holding of him and his heirs of Buchan, as freely and he and his heirs of Buchan hold and possess it of Adam [or perhaps Aed], son of Maldoven Makgillecleroche.
Firm date
9 October 1211 X 1233
Dating Notes
William Comyn's last attestation as justiciar of Scotia, but not earl of Buchan, is on 9 Oct. 1211 (_RRS_ ii, no. 502) × William's death in '1233' (_Chron. Melrose_).
Source for Data Entry
NRS, RH 1/2/31 [1628-9]; 'from a transcript by Sir James Balfour 1628-9, from the original charter text of Francis earl of Erole, for drawing up the descent of his family. Brit. Mus. Bib. Harl. 4693-4697, fol. 33. 23 Apr. 1863.'
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NRS, RH 1/2/31
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