People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/15/1 (Kel. Lib., no. 288)

Cospatric the earl has granted to the church of St Nicholas of Hume (BWK) in honour of our Lord Jesus Christ and Saint Mary the Virgin and St Nicholas and All Saints, on the day of its dedication, one ploughgate of land and a parish, namely, the same villa (Hume) and half of Gordon, for the redemption of sins and the welfare of souls, on the tenth of the kalends of April (24 March). Note that Cospatric and Edward and Edgar, sons of the earl, and the earl’s spouse, have granted.
Firm date
24 March, 1128 X 1138
Dating Notes
10 kals. Mar.; consecration of Robert, bishop of St Andrews × Battle of the Standard and death of Earl Cospatric (I).
Source for Data Entry
Kelso Liber, i, no. 288
Trad. ID
Kel. Lib., no. 288
Calendar number
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
24 Mar., 1128 X 1138 earl Cospatric, earl of Dunbar (d.1138)
24 Mar., 1128 X 1138 bishop Robert, bishop of St Andrews (d.1159)
24 Mar., 1128 X 1138 dean Thorald, archdeacon of Lothian (d.1163 or 1166)
24 Mar., 1128 X 1138 priest of Alwinside Aelred, priest of Alwinside