People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/14/16 (N.B. Chrs., no. 19)

Adam, lord of Kilconquhar, earl of Carrick, for North Berwick Priory; he makes known, that he and certain of his predecessors variously harassed North Berwick Priory over the advowson of the church of Kilconquhar, which he claimed to belong to him; the truth of the matter having been sought out by trustworthy men, he renounces for ever, for himself and his heirs heirs, every manner of suit moved on this matter, and every right which is relevant to this matter by reason of the demesne land of Kilconquhar; he grants to the Priory the advowson of the church of Kilconquhar, and he donates the possession or quasi-possession to them for ever; and he grants and promises by the swearing of an oath, that if he or any of his heirs should bring a case against the Priory regarding this matter, he or his heirs shall be bound to pay the prioress and convent 1000 marks sterling before the case begins; or if the prioress and convent are brought to trial by Master William, the earl’s brother, or by whomsoever has been presented by the earl to the church of Kilconquhar, or in any way harassed as a result of a presentation made by anyone to the parsonage or vicarage of the same church; and he submits himself and his heirs to the jurisdiction of the bishops of St Andrews and of Glasgow, allowing them to compel him by sentences of excommunication and of interdiction on persons and land and by any other means that seem suitable for him faithfully to observe the foregoing.
Firm date
20 February 1267
Dating Notes
10 kals. Mar., AD 1266
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
Related Place
Source for Data Entry
North Berwick Carte, no. 19
Trad. ID
N.B. Chrs., no. 19
Calendar number
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Original (contemporary)
Edinburgh, NAS, MS. GD45/13/284

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unavailable Gift of the advowson of the church of Kilconquhar (FIF) no