People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/15/42 (Newb. Reg., no. 115)

Patrick, earl of Dunbar, for Newbattle Abbey; has granted that whole land which John of Moray [‘Murref’] son of John of London gave them in territory of West Fortune (ELO), and Bernard Fraser established to them by his charter. He wills that monks shall have the land in perpetuity with his confirmation and protection, as set out in John’s charter and attested by Bernard’s confirmation, saving earl’s service.
Firm date
circa 1200 X 31 December 1232
Probable date
Dating Notes
Floruit of William son of Earl Patrick × death of Earl Patrick I. William, son of the earl, was a hostage in England between 1209 and 1213.
Source for Data Entry
Newbattle Registrum, no. 115.
Trad. ID
Newb. Reg., no. 115
Calendar number
Charter type

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
circa 1200 X 31 Dec. 1232 earl of Dunbar Patrick (I), earl of Dunbar (d.1232)
circa 1200 X 31 Dec. 1232 Dominus (Lord/Sir) Patrick (II), earl of Dunbar (d.1248)