People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/28/3 (Stringer, Lords of Galloway, no. 7)

Uhtred son of Fergus, with the consent of his heir Roland, has given and granted to Holm Cultram Abbey the villa called Kirkgunzeon (KCB) in feu-ferme, by its right bounds and with all its pertinents; and he grants one saltworks outwith the bounds in a convenient place, and pasture for their pigs without pannage, through all his woods of his demesne, free from all service and custom, for six pounds annually, half at Easter and half at Martinmas. They have given Uhtred ten marks as a gift, which are to be returned with interest, if they find the land unsatisfactory after three years and wish to demit it. He has also acquitted the service of the king of Scotland.
Firm date
12 May 1161 X 1174
Probable date
12/May/1161 × ca. 1170
Dating Notes
Death of Fergus of Galloway × royal confirmation (1/6/72); for probable date, see comment Stringer, ‘Records of the Lords of Galloway’, 214
Source for Data Entry
Stringer, ‘Acta of the Lords of Galloway to 1234’, no. 7
Trad. ID
Stringer, Lords of Galloway, no. 7
Calendar number
Charter type
Holm Cultram Reg., no. 120

Total number of associated factoids: 5

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Gift of 10 marks no
12 May 1161 X 1174 Gift of villa called Kirkgunzeon (KCB) and saltpan with pasture yes Christian, bishop of Whithorn (d.1186)

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
12 May 1161 X 1174 bishop of Galloway Christian, bishop of Whithorn (d.1186)