People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/133/10 (Haddan and Stubbs, Councils, ii, I, 262-3)

Pope Urban III writes to King William of the Scots, noting that papal obligation to rectify anything that is inappropriate in any church. Secular princes should not be disturbed at this, but should assist. The king is aware of the intense quarrel between the Bishops John of Dunkeld and Hugh of St Andrews. Each side has expended great effort and expense, though the matter has not been settled. Recently they contended about this issue for some time before Pope Lucius. After consultation with his brethren the pope granted [tribuimus] to the bishop of Dunkeld permission to make a case against his opponent about the episcopate of St Andrews, and to the bishop of St Andrews permission to go home, but to return at a fixed time sufficiently prepared for legal action. If he does not return, then Bishop Jocelin of Glasgow and the abbots of Melrose, Newbattle and Dunfermline should suspend him at that point from his episcopal office, and, if he is contumacious, should excommunicate him until he presents himself before the pope. Urban, wishing to learn the truth and conclude the affair, also commands the bishop of Glasgow and his colleagues to protect Aiulf, dean of Lothian, Odo the steward, Roger of Feddinch, and other clerics and friends of the bishop of Dunkeld from all molestation, and not to allow their possessions or the revenues of the bishop to be invaded by anyone. Any violators should be struck with canonical censure with no possibility of appeal. The king should allow matters to proceed, and he should protect those mentioned, and all relatives and friends of the bishop of Dunkeld. The king is informed that the pontiff has enjoined the two bishops to bear the expenses of prosecuting their dispute entirely from their own revenues: they should not receive any financial support towards those expenses. The king is informed further that the bishop of Dunkeld has pursued this business honestly, has deferred to royal honour, and has proposed nothing which could injure the royal name or for which the king should be upset against him. The king should ignore anything said to the contrary by that bishop’s rivals.
Firm date
31 July 1186
Dating Notes
2 kal. Aug., ???
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Source for Data Entry
Haddan and Stubbs, Councils, ii, I, 262-63
Trad. ID
Haddan and Stubbs, Councils, ii, I, 262-3
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Papal letter
No MS, only transmitted by Roger Howden

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
31 Jul. 1186 Correspondence concerning quarrel between Bishops John of Dunkeld and Hugh of St Andrews yes
31 Jul. 1186 *Command to protect friends and clerics of bishop of Dunkeld yes

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Date Short Summary Subject Object
31 Jul. 1186 Predecessor of Urban III, pope (d.1187) (Tenurial & lordship relationship) Lucius III, pope (d.1185) Urban III, pope (d.1187)