People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/139/12 (Dunf. Reg., no. 216B)

Pope Honorius III writes to the abbots of Kelso and Melrose and the archdeacon of Lothian, noting that the abbot and convent has complained that in the case between them and W[illiam], rector of the church of Kilconquhar (FIF) concerning certain teinds, which was heard before officials of St Andrews without apostolic delegation, the said rector appealed to the apostolic see, and although those officials deferred to his appeal, nevertheless he did not strive to prosecute it within the time allowed by law. He thus commands them to call together the parties, hear the case, and terminate it without appeal, causing what is decreed to be observed firmly by ecclesiastical censure. They may remit certain parts to the examination of the previous judges, obtaining from the condemned lawful expenses. If all of them cannot take part in carrying this out, let two of them do it.
Firm date
13 May 1217
Dating Notes
3 id. May, pontifical year 1
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
Related Place
Source for Data Entry
Dunfermline Registrum, no. 216B
Trad. ID
Dunf. Reg., no. 216B
Calendar number
Charter type
Papal letter
Ferguson, Medieval Papal Reps., App. I, no. 42

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
13 May 1217 Appointment of papal judges-delegate yes