People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/201/1 (Kel. Lib., no. 428)

John, cardinal priest of St Stephen in Celio Monte and papal legate, notifies all the Scottish prelates that in the controversy between the abbot and brothers of Kelso and the bishops of St Andrews and Glasgow, concerning the institution of churches, he has established the agreement made. He adds that at the death or resignation of the vicars in the churches, which the monks of Kelso are known to have for their own uses, they are permitted to present perpetual vicars to the bishops, as established during the Lateran Council. But if the bishops, through malice or his own wish, do not want to admit clerics or priests to the churches presented by the same monks, if by chance they declare them less than suitable, it will be by the arbitration of three good men commonly elected that those vicars are to be presented, if they shall be approved suitable, and rejected if less than suitable. Meanwhile, the monks are permitted to retain their churches in their own hands, until someone suitable may be admitted to the said churches.
Firm date
6 December 1201
Dating Notes
Council held on St Nicholas’s day 1201 × end of legation of John in Scotland, prob. the day of the council or shortly after Kelso Liber, no. 427.
Source for Data Entry
Kelso Liber, ii, no. 428
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Kel. Lib., no. 428
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