People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/143/130 (Inchaff. Chrs., no. 80)

Pope Innocent IV writes to the abbot and convent of Inchaffray, noting that the bishop of Dunblane obtained that there should be assigned to him a fourth part of the teinds of all the parish churches in his diocese, which had been done by the bishops of Glasgow and Dunkeld, acting under apostolic letters. When the bishop of Dunblane, in the presence of the two bishops, asked that a fourth of these teinds be assigned to him, the abbot and convent objected. At length both parties submitted themselves, under oath, to what should be determined by the two bishops, both as to the fourth of the teinds pertaining to the abbey, and as to the assessment of the vicarages of certain of those churches, and the ordering of certain other churches, too poor [to be deprived of a fourth] and easy to be served [without vicars]. The decision by the bishops was that Inchaffray Abbey should pay yearly 20 marks for one dignity and 10 marks for one prebend, to be erected in the cathedral church of Dunblane; and in return the abbey should be freed from the payment of the fourth part of the teinds of all its churches. Because the abbey seemed to be overburdened in the payment of such money, the two bishops made a moderate assessment of the vicarages of certain churches, and ordained that certain other churches should be served, not by vicars, but by suitable chaplains, as more fully contained in their writs. The pope thus establishes this ordinance.
Firm date
23 April 1250
Dating Notes
9 kal. May, pontifical year 7
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Inchaffray Chrs., no. 80
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Inchaff. Chrs., no. 80
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Papal privilege: general confirmation
NAS, GD 45/13/294

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
23 Apr. 1250 pope Innocent IV, pope (d.1254)
23 Apr. 1250 bishop of Glasgow Unknown, bishop of Glasgow
23 Apr. 1250 bishop of Dunkeld Unknown, bishop of Dunkeld
23 Apr. 1250 bishop of Dunblane Clement, bishop of Dunblane (d.1258)