People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/139/35 (Theiner, no. 31)

Pope Honorius III writes to the bishop of Carlisle and to Pandolph, bishop-elect of Norwich, papal chamberlain and legate, noting that the bishop of the Isles, having been admitted to his presence, has declared that N[icholas], of pious memory, bishop of the Isles, his predecessor, has gone the way of the flesh and the sons of the monastery of Furness – to whom the election of the bishop of the Isles belonged – gathered together and unanimously chose him to be bishop. They sent him with the decree of election for confirmation to the archbishop of Dublin, the local metropolitan, and legate of the apostolic see, asking him to establish the election and consecrate the elect, which he did. The prince of the land, however, and certain others of the diocese of the Isles, in order to prevent his obtaining possession of the bishopric, forbade the aforenamed clergy to receive him, threatening to cause injury and grievous evil to them and their church if they did. The pope thus commands them to admonish the said prince and other persons and induce them not to prevent the said bishop from enjoying possession of the bishopric and to make adequate indemnification for his losses and injuries sustained, and if needed, to compel them by ecclesiastical censures, without appeal.
Firm date
9 November 1219
Dating Notes
5 id. Nov., pontifical year 4
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Theiner, Monumenta, no. 31
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Theiner, no. 31
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Papal letter

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Confirmation of election of bishop of the Isles no
9 Nov. 1219 Command to admonish prince of Man and not to allow bishop there from possessing bishopric yes

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
9 Nov. 1219 Right to elect bishop of the Isles Furness Abbey