People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/144/66 (NLS, Adv. MS 15.1.19, no. 13)

Pope Alexander IV writes to the bishop of Dunblane, noting that he has received letters from Master Guala, his notary, and John of the Chamber, ‘auditors litterarum contradictarum’, executors of the will of Master James of Marbella, rector of the church of Smailholm (ROX), concerning the revenues and profits of the church of Smailholm, to be answered by Gamelin, bishop of St Andrews, as much from the fourth year after the said church was collated to the said rector as from the time through which the revenues and profits were paid by the rector, as per the custom of the churches of Scotland, and from everything that could be made as the executors directed by the letters of Octavian, cardinal-deacon of St Mary in Via Lata and of themselves. He thus commands that the same bishop be held to answer for the said revenues and profits of the same church, compelling him through ecclesiastical censure if necessary.
Firm date
14 February 1258
Dating Notes
16 kal. Mar., pontifical year 4
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NLS, Adv. MS 15.1.19, no. 13. See also St A. Lib., xliii, no. 8
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NLS, Adv. MS 15.1.19, no. 13
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Papal letter
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NLS, Adv. MS 15.1.19, no. 13

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