People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/131/46 (Glas. Reg., no. 51)

Pope Alexander III writes to Jocelin, bishop of Glasgow, taking the church of Glasgow, a special daughter with no intermediary, into his protection; all the possessions and goods which they have or may acquire by papal permission, by the liberality of kings or the gifts of the faithful, may remain with the bishop and his successors, including Glasgow (LAN), the burgh of Glasgow with all its liberties which King William granted and established by his charter, Govan (LAN), Partick (LAN), Shettleston (LAN), Cadder (LAN), ‘Badermonoc’ (later Monkland, LAN), Bedlay (LAN), Kinclaith (LAN), ‘Tor’ , Carstairs (LAN), Stobo (PEB), Gilmerton (MLO), Ashkirk (SLK), Lilliesleaf (ROX), Troneyhill (ROX), Ancrum (ROX) with all its lands, churches, chapels and other pertinents, the chapel in the castle of Roxburgh, the churches of Old Roxburgh (ROX), Morebattle (ROX), Hassendean (ROX), Wilton (ROX), Traquair (PEB), Peebles (PEB), Kirkurd (PEB), Carnwath (LAN), Carmichael (LAN), East Kilbride (LAN), Cadzow (LAN), Renfrew (RNF), Moffat (DMF), Kirkpatrick Juxta (DMF), Dryfesdale (DMF), Hoddom (DMF), ‘Lohcwhoreuerd’ (Borthwick, MLO), Colmonell (AYR), with all churches, chapels and pertinents; also the districts of his diocese, namely, Teviotdale, Tweeddale, Clydesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Liddesdale, Dryfesdale, Annandale, Lennox, Strathgryfe, Mearns, Largs, Cunningham, Kyle, Carrick, Glencairn, Strathnith, Desnes and whatever rights in Galloway; the teinds of the king’s cain in Kyle and Carrick, and the eighth part of all the king’s pleas in the diocese in gold, silver and animals; the tofts and lands in the king’s burghs pertaining to those churches; the prebends of the churches. He also establishes the liberties and immunities indulged by the kings of Scots. The pope directs that no man is permitted to disturb the church or carry away its possessions; saving the authority of the apostolic see. Should any secular person attempt to go against this, after three warnings if he should not make amends, he may lost his honour and be liable to divine justice, and subject himself to retribution.
Firm date
19 April 1179
Dating Notes
13 kal. May, 1179, pontifical year 20
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Source for Data Entry
Glasgow Registrum, i, no. 51
Trad. ID
Glas. Reg., no. 51
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Charter type
Papal privilege: protection

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Concession of liberties to the burgh of Glasgow no
19 Apr. 1179 Grant of papal protection and confirmation of lands, possessions and liberties yes

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
19 Apr. 1179 pope Alexander III, pope (d.1181)
19 Apr. 1179 bishop Jocelin, bishop of Glasgow (d.1199)
19 Apr. 1179 king of Scots William I, king of Scots (d.1214)
19 Apr. 1179 cardinal-priest Albert, cardinal, papal chancellor
19 Apr. 1179 chancellor Albert, cardinal, papal chancellor