People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/32/49 (Dryb. Lib., no. 192 )

A[dam], abbot of Melrose, G[…], prior of Melrose, and R[ichard], dean of Teviotdale, recite a mandate of Pope Honorius [III] appointing them papal judges-delegate in the case between the abbot and convent of Dryburgh and the prior and monks of May and others of the diocese of St Andrews concerning certain teinds of the church of Kilrenny (FIF). By the authority of the mandate, the intention of the canons is confirmed as follows: the abbot and convent of Dryburgh state that ships and small fishing boats put into that stream dividing the boundaries between the parish of Kilrenny and the parish of Anstruther (FIF), because of the proximity of the places, are occupying the parish of Kilrenny, that is extended up to the middle of the channel of the same stream, and their anchors are being fixed within the boundaries of the same parish, and staying within those boundaries all night, [therefore] half of the teinds of all ships and small fishing boats put in that place and occupying the boundaries of the parish, ought to belong to the mother church of Kilrenny, which half the said abbot and convent say the prior and monks of May seize and detain to the prejudice of the said church. The lawsuit was ended thus: the monks of May, for good peace, shall pay annually in perpetuity 1 mark to the parish church of Kilrenny at the same church, that is, half at Pentecost and half at Martinmas, by the procurator of the abbot and canons. By this payment, the monks shall be free and immune from all exaction and legal action of canons, saving that the canons, who receive spiritual dues from their own parishioners remaining in the same parish, shall receive the teinds in full [and] the monks shall receive teinds in full from all others coming from elsewhere.
Firm date
13 December 1225
Dating Notes
Id. Dec., 1225
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
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Source for Data Entry
Dryburgh Liber, no. 192
Trad. ID
Dryb. Lib., no. 192
Calendar number
Charter type
Ferguson, Medieval Papal Reps., App. I, no. 63 Cooper, Select Scottish Cases, no. 18

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
13 Dec. 1225 Settlement of case between Dryburgh Abbey and May Priory concerning teinds of Kilrenny (FIF) yes
13 Dec. 1225 Appointment of papal judges-delegate yes
13 Dec. 1225 * Gift (agreement) of one mark yes
13 Dec. 1225 * Concession (agreement) of freedom from exaction and legal action yes

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
13 Dec. 1225 abbot of Melrose Adam of Harcarse, abbot of Melrose (d.1245)
13 Dec. 1225 prior of Melrose G., prior of Melrose
13 Dec. 1225 dean of Teviotdale Richard of Teviotdale, dean
13 Dec. 1225 pope Honorius III, pope (d.1227)
13 Dec. 1225 abbot of Reading Unknown, abbot of Reading

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
13 Dec. 1225 Church of Kilrenny (FIF) Dryburgh Abbey (fd.1150)