People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/32/84 (Kel. Lib., no. 194)

Philip, abbot of Jedburgh, and John, abbot of Dryburgh, have settled the case called before them by papal authority between the abbot and convent of Kelso and Daniel and Robert of Dowan and their wives concerning the land of Dowan (now region of Devon Burn, in Lesmahagow parish, LAN), which the abbot and convent claimed from the said Daniel and Robert and their wives, as being illicitly alienated from his monastery to his right and as being revoked of ownership. The said D[aniel] and R[obert], for good peace, have granted to the abbot and monks a certain sum of money and conceded to the same a site for a mill above Kerlyngholm just as the Devon Burn descends and falls into the Nethan, with free water ways through the land of Dowan towards the mill and for the building of a dam. They granted also to Kelso from the villa of the mill, and to all those coming to that mill, common pasture of Delues from the mill in the direction of the east towards Bra, opposite the mill; and from the same Bra, descending up to the Nethan and from Nethan ascending up to the mill through the Devon Burn. The men of the villa of the mill may not graze [their animals] there unless during half the year of winter, but everyone coming to the mill may graze there all year without impediment and contradiction. Within the said marches of Delues, never shall it become pasture or arable land, but shall always be situated in common pasture; D. and R. and their wives conceded to the abbot and monks the common peat-moor which goes near Thorebrechs up to the house which belongs to the said Robert of Dowan in the same land, during the life of Constantine, with free entry and exit to dig and carry their peat, together with a sufficient and competent place which they shall dig for their peat near the place being drained for digging, saving wheat.
Firm date
1240 X 5 August 1245
Probable date
× 1249
Dating Notes
Succession × last attestation of Abbot John, poss. × death of Abbot Philip (Abbot John was certainly dead before 13 Jan. 1255)
Source for Data Entry
Kelso Liber, i, no. 194
Trad. ID
Kel. Lib., no. 194
Calendar number
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1240 X 5 Aug. 1245 House of Robert of Dowane Robert of Dowane