People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/5/2 (Inchaff. Chrs., App., no. 4)

Agreement between the master and brethren of the Hospital of SS James and John of Brackley and Robert, bishop of Dunblane, whereby the hospital concedes and surrenders at feuferme to the bishop the church of Gask (Findo Gask, PER) with all its fruits, rights and just pertinents for a period of five years in return for 24 marks, paid annually to the hospital at the monastery of Osney (Oxford) on the feast of St Michael; the first payment shall be made at Michaelmas, 1267. If the bishop dies, there shall be no distribution of the goods pertaining to him until the hospital has been paid. If the bishop resigns, and neglects or refuses to pay the 24 marks, he will incur the penalty of double to be paid to the brethren. After the five years, if the bishop agrees to keep the church and lands, the agreement will be renewed for another five years at the same rent, and so on. On the death or resignation of the bishop, the church and lands will revert back to the hospital. Colman, liegeman of the master and brethren, shall not be removed from the lands, nor unjustly burdened or required by the bishop to attend courts of law outside the lands. The hospital shall present a suitable vicar to the bishop while the bishop shall maintain the houses on the glebe land and pay to Inchaffray Abbey 20s. yearly, and to the vicar 2 marks. If the bishop does not wish to hold the feuferme of the church for a longer period, the church will revert to the hospital at Whitsunday, but the lands will continue to be held by the bishop until the Martinmas following. The parties subject themselves to the jurisdiction and coercion of the bishop of Lincoln for the time being.
Firm date
16 May 1266
Dating Notes
Pentecost, 1266
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Inchaffray Chrs., App., no. 4
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Inchaff. Chrs., App., no. 4
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