People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/4/15 A (Moray Reg., no. 111)

Agreement between (i) Prior Henry and the convent of St Andrews, and (ii) Bishop Andrew and the chapter of Moray, and Lady Muriel of Rothes and the hospital of St Nicholas, Bridge of Spey, over the church of Rothes (MOR). Prior Henry and the convent of St Andrews, renounce all action over the church of Rothes and its pertinents; they have granted and quitclaimed to the Hospital of St Nicholas in perpetuity all right they had in the church of Rothes; Andrew, bishop of Moray, has given and granted three merks yearly in perpetuity from the church of Rothes as a simple benefice for the prior and convent of St Andrews, by the hand of whoever is rector of the hospital, at the hospital, 20 shillings at Martinmass and 20 shillings at Pentecost.
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Moray Registrum, no. 111
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Moray Reg., no. 111
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4/4/15 /A
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