People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/16/9 (Moray Reg., no. 76)

Agreement between (i) Andrew, bishop of Moray, and (ii) Walter Comyn. With the common consent of his chapter, the bishop has quitclaimed to Walter in perpetuity all that the bishop of Moray was accustomed to receive from the land of Badenoch (INV) annually for the teinds of cain of the lord king and for all other things, namely 4 marks, 6 pigs, 8 measures of cheese, 2 ½ calders of provender and 20s annually, for a davoch of land at ‘Logynkenny’ (Laggan, INV) and 12d. from ‘Inverdrumnyn’ (Inverdruie?). In return for this quitclaim, Walter Comyn has granted to the bishop in perpetuity one davoch of land at Laggan, namely ‘Edenlogyn’ and ‘Abyrcardon’, and the land in which is sited the church of ‘Logynkenny’, which lies between the two burns of ‘Kyllene’ and ‘Petenachy’ and another davoch of land at Insh (INV), which the bishop will wish to select from his two davochs of ‘Ardinch’ and ‘Invercessy’ (Invereshy?), and that half davoch on which is located the church of Insh. Walter has also given and granted to the bishop in perpetuity 6 acres of land next to the church of Kingussie (INV) on which is situated the church. Moreover, the bishop will hold all these lands in pure and perpetual alms, by their right bounds and with all their just pertinents, saving to Walter half a fishery pertaining to the land of Insh. The bishop will have all the clerical neyfs and two lay neyfs, namely Gyllemallouock Macnakeeigelle and Sythach Macmallon, with all their chattels and possessions and children and offspring. Sir Walter Comyn will have all the other lay neyfs of Laggan, ‘Inverdrumyn’ and the other lands in Badenoch.
Firm date
12 May 1223 X 9 January 1234
Dating Notes
Consecration of Bishop Andrew of Moray × Walter Comyn as earl of Menteith.
Source for Data Entry
Moray Registrum, no. 76
Trad. ID
Moray Reg., no. 76
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
12 May 1223 X 9 Jan. 1234 bishop of Moray Andrew Murray, bishop of Moray (d.1242)
12 May 1223 X 9 Jan. 1234 Dominus (Lord/Sir) Alexander II, king of Scots (d.1249)
12 May 1223 X 9 Jan. 1234 king Alexander II, king of Scots (d.1249)