People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/38/11 (NRS, RH 5/30)

An inquest was made at Girvan in Carrick in the presence of Sir Stephen Fleming, bailie of Carrick, by the oaths of Sir Roland of Carrick, Alan of Carleton, Walter of Kinardley, knights; Henry MacKennedy, Murdoch MacKennedy, Molcal (?) of Douglas, Dungal MacGillanders, Coirbre MacCann, Alan of Denton, Alexander MacThurstan, Molcal (?) Albanach, Murdoch son of Somerled, who said that they knew well that a marriage was contracted between Hector, son of Sir Hector, and Samuel MacCann’s daughter. Sir Hector placed his son in full sasine of the five-pennyland of Auchensoul (AYR) for a sum of money paid to him by Samuel, and Hector his son was in sasine for a year and a half, during which time Samuel was custos (guardian). After anger and discord arose between Sir Hector and Samuel, Sir Hector recognosced (i.e,. reclaimed possession by feudal right) and took sasine of the land, not judicially but by will, and so cultivated the same, and at length deceased.
Firm date
22 September 1260
Dating Notes
Morrow of St Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist, soon after King Alexander’s brieve (dated 21 May 1260 (1/8/27)).
Place date (modern)
Girvan in Carrick
Place date (document)
Gerwan in Karryk
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NRS, RH 5/30
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NRS, RH 5/30
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NRS, RH 5/30; Formerly TNA, C 47/22/5/13.

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