People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/42/2 (Balm. Lib., no. 7)

Laurence of Abernethy, son of Orm, in the presence of Sir Alexander (II), king of Scotland, has resigned and quitclaimed to Balmerino Abbey, all the land of Coultra (FIF), Ballindean (FIF), ‘Balnedart’ (FIF), Corbie (FIF) and Balmerino (FIF), and all right that he and his heirs have or might have in those lands. He wills and grants that Balmerino Abbey shall have and hold these lands with all just pertinents in pure and perpetual alms. Moreover, the late Lady Ermengarde, of good memory, illustrious queen of Scotland, wishing on the part of the aforesaid monks to enjoy perpetual peace with him, had mandated a payment of 200 marks for this resignation and quitclaim, which he has received in full from the executors of her will.
Firm date
11 September 1233 X 1241
Dating Notes
Consecration of William, bishop of Glasgow × death of Walter son of Alan II.
Source for Data Entry
Balmerino Liber, no. 7
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Balm. Lib., no. 7
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