People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/49/1 (St A. Lib., 258-9)

Merleswain, son of Colbán, has given, granted, and established by this his charter, to St Andrews Priory, the church of Kennoway (FIF) with teinds and oblations and with all rights pertaining to the said church, and with the lands which Simon the priest held free from all secular service, with the church, namely, ‘Chlenoth’ (FIF) and the valley from the cave of ‘Mandrethin’ (FIF) to the western boundary of the valley, and ‘Pettenduem’ (FIF) and ‘Pethchaschen’ (FIF), which Merleswain offered to the same church, and a quarter part of ‘Drumchathin’ (FIF) and a quarter part of ‘Fanclarachin’ (FIF), perpetually in alms. He has also given to them a certain land called ‘Chenmochaueth’ (Kilmux, FIF) in the same parish, by its right bounds, with common pasture, and with all just pertinents, in perpetual alms, free and quit from all service and secular exaction.
Firm date
24 December 1165 X 1178
Dating Notes
King William’s confirmation (_RRS_, ii, no. 28) × episcopal confirmation of Bishop Richard (_St And. Liber_, 137)
Source for Data Entry
St Andrews Liber, 258-9
Trad. ID
St A. Lib., 258-9
Calendar number
Charter type
On places, see Taylor, PNF, ii, 208-46. All these places are in the parish of Kennoway. The church of Kennoway does not appear in King William’s grand confirmation to St Andrews Priory (RRS, ii, no. 28). Nor does it appear in Bishop Richard’s general confirmation, dating to 28 Mar. 1165 × 8 Dec. 1166. Odo the steward further suggests the time of Bishop Richard. The terminus ante quem is supplied by Bishop Richard’s confirmation, by his death, probably 13 May, 1178 (St And. Lib., 137-8). Kennoway was also included in the general confirmation of Bishop Hugh, 1178 × 30 Dec. 1184 (_St And. Lib._, 146).

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
24 Dec. 1165 X 1178 Lands of Simon, priest of Kennoway Simon, priest of Kennoway