People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/42/6 (BL Add. Ch. 66569)

Patrick son of William, in order to satisfy all his debts to Scone Abbey, has renounced [previous agreements], whether in written documents or by any other kind of contract, over the stocking and rents of Blair (?PER) and all other agreements to which they may be obligated, and all [legal] actions regarding the aforesaid contact. He wills that if any instrument regarding any contract between them regarding Blair is discovered, it will not be in force.
Firm date
26 May 1246
Dating Notes
Day of St Augustine, bishop of the English, AD 1246
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BL, Add. Ch. 66569
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BL Add. Ch. 66569
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BL, Add. Ch. 66569 This Patrick son of William is likely to be the Patrick son of William son of Orm who got a royal charter from Alexander III of lands in ABD in 1233. William son of Orm witnessed a number of charters in Perthshire and Angus in the early 13th century, and Patrick son of William was sheriff of Perth in 1237. These point to the likelihood that William was a younger son of Orm of Abernethy.
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