People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/17/25 (BL, Add. MS 33245, fo. 141v)

Maldoven, earl of Lennox, out of charity, and for recognition of his fraternitas, has given, granted, and established by his charter, to Arbroath Abbey, 4 oxen annually during his lifetime at Stirling on St John the Baptist’s Day, and in his death, he has given them 20 oxen. And on the first day of his fraternitas, he has given them 8 oxen. His name and that of his brother Amlaib are to be written in their Martyrology.
Firm date
2 November 1208 X 1265
Probable date
prob. 9 Jan. 1231 × 1250s
Dating Notes
Maldoven’s predecessor, Earl Alwin, died between 1208 and 4 Dec. 1214. Earl Maldoven died by 1265. Note Kerald judex (of Angus) and Adam the steward of Arbroath witness. Probably after King Alexander II’s confirmation of Earl Maldoven’s first donation (_Arb. Lib._, no. 134).
Source for Data Entry
BL Add. MS 33245, fo. 141v
Trad. ID
BL, Add. MS 33245, fo. 141v
Calendar number
Charter type
This is an alternate version of Arb. Lib., no. 133, with no pro anima clause and different witnesses. It mentions an additional gift of 8 oxen, which seems to have accompanied some kind of ceremony initiating his fraternity.

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