People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/26/2 (PRS 24, no. 79)

Final agreement before G., son of Peter, Stephen de Turnham, William Briwere, Master Thomas de Hesseburne, Richard de Hereget, and others of the king’s lieges, between Adam of Carlisle, plaintiff, and William de Brus, defendant, regarding 8 ploughgates of land in Lockerbie (DMF). Adam remits and quitclaims to William his whole right therein forever. William [has given] to Adam 7 ploughgates of land in Kinmount (DMF), and in ‘Anticraft’ (? mistake for Osticroft?), and in ‘Leges’ (Logan?), and in […], and in ‘Nosbernecrot’, and in ‘Swelch’, and in ‘Bracansweit’, and a mill on the water of ‘Polranban’, for the service of a quarter of a knight. If William is unable to warrant the said land, he gives an exchange in his land of Hartness (Co. Durham).
Firm date
Thursday 29 October 1198
Dating Notes
Thursday before the Feast of All Saints, 10th regnal year (Richard, king of England).
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Source for Data Entry
Feet of Fines: 10 Richard I (Pipe Rolls Society 24, 1900), 53-4, no. 79
Trad. ID
PRS 24, no. 79
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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
Thursday 29 Oct. 1198 Agreement between Adam of Carlisle and William Bruce yes
Thursday 29 Oct. 1198 * Quitclaim (agreement) of rights to 8 ploughgates in Lockerbie (DMF) yes
Thursday 29 Oct. 1198 * Gift (agreement) of 7 ploughgates in Kinmount (DMF) and other places with a mill on the water of ‘Polranban’ yes

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
Thursday 29 Oct. 1198 king Richard I, king of England (d.1199)
Thursday 29 Oct. 1198 Master Thomas de Hesseburne, master