People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/166/1 (St B. Reg., no. 61)

Thomas, son of Cospatric, with the counsel and consent of Patrick his son, has given, granted and by this present charter established, to St Bees Priory, a certain saltworks in Colvend (KCB), namely, between ‘Dufpol’ and the castle, free and quit from all secular service, in pure and perpetual alms. Moreover, he has granted pasture for four draught animals and one horse.
Firm date
1176 X
Probable date
1176 × ???
Dating Notes
Earliest likely date for marriage of Roland of Galloway and Helen de Moreville × unknown
Source for Data Entry
St Bees Register, no. 61
Trad. ID
St B. Reg., no. 61
Calendar number
Charter type
On the Colvend family, see Oram, Lordship of Galloway, 99, 197, 202. Thomas of Workington seems to have acquired the estate between 1176 and 1185.

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