People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/170/1 (Laner. Cart., no. 163)

Robert, son of Walter of Congalton makes known that he has received, from the gift of the prior and convent of Lanercost, for his homage and service, the land which William de Vaux, son of John de Vaux, gave them in the territory of Kingston (Dirleton, ELO), as he established to them by his charter, which Robert de Clifford held of them and quitclaimed, resigning his charter from them, that is, a toft and croft with an oxgang of land which Ralph the skinner (pelliparius) held, and one culture in the territory of Kingston which is called ‘Quitelav’, and another culture in the territory of Fenton next to the marsh, and all the culture which lies between the land of Robert Fleming and the exit of Kingston, and three acres next to the sheepfold which belonged to Richard son of Michael, to hold in feu and heritage as contained in the charter of the prior, rendering to them at Lanercost at the fair of Carlisle one pound of cumin.
Firm date
1238 X 9 February 1248
Probable date
prob. ca 1244 x
Dating Notes
Succession of Walter of Ousby as archdeacon of Carlisle × death of Ralph, prior of Carlisle
Source for Data Entry
Lanercost Cartulary, no. 163
Trad. ID
Laner. Cart., no. 163
Calendar number
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
1238 X 9 Feb. 1248 skinner Ralph, skinner (ELO)
1238 X 9 Feb. 1248 prior of Carlisle Ralph Barri, prior of Carlisle (d.1248)
1238 X 9 Feb. 1248 archdeacon of Carlisle Walter de Ulceby, archdeacon of Carlisle
1238 X 9 Feb. 1248 dean of Carlisle William, dean of Carlisle
1238 X 9 Feb. 1248 persona of Denton Robert, persona of Denton