People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/320/3 (Gen. Coll., i, 53)

Ralph of Kinnaird has granted [and by this his charter established] to Richard son of John of Invertiel all the land of Dunore (PER) with its right bounds, which Richard his father gave to John son of Richard of Invertiel in free marriage with Isabella his sister, as the charter of his father bears witness, in feu [and heritage].
Firm date
3 December 1236 X 1240
Dating Notes
Consecration of Geoffrey bishop of Dunkeld × resignation of Alexander abbot of Coupar. Original was apparently still in existence in 1758.
Source for Data Entry
Macfarlane, Gen. Colls., i, 53 (‘Kinnaird Charters’ no. 3. This is mentioned as having once been part of the Kinnaird collection in HMC, 5th report)
Trad. ID
Gen. Coll., i, 53
Calendar number
Charter type
‘The three earliest charters of the series were delivered up to Sir Patrick Thriepland on his purchase of the barony of Kinnaird many years ago, as appears from a memorandum among the papers. By the first of these charters King William the Lion conferred on Radulphus dictus Rufus the barony of Kinnaird [RRS ii, no. 135/ NAS GD 48/1]. The second was granted by Richard son of Radulphus to Isabel his sister; and the third was a deed confirming the last, granted by Radulphus de Kinnaird to Richard son of Isabel.’ ‘The oldest charter now remaining in the collection is one by Raigenaldus de Kynnard, dominus particularis de Inchtur, by which he confirmed to his cousin Andrew de Muncur of that ilk, the lands of Muncur in the shire of Perth’…(dating to late 14th/ early 15th century) [from HMC article]

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