People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/487/1 (Midl. Chrs., no. 9)

Floria, widow of the late Sir Adam Quintin, in her free power and widowhood, for the welfare of Sir Adam, her late husband, and others, has given, granted and by this her present charter established to Soutra Hospital all that arable land in the holding of Lempitlaw (ROX) called ‘Welleflat’ with the toft and croft pertaining to it, which was assigned to her by Sir Richard Germine in the name of 40 marks, in free, pure and perpetual alms, with common easements, free from all exaction and demand according to the tenor of the instrument collated for her by Sir Richard Germine.
Firm date
1251 X 1274
Dating Notes
John of Musselburgh, official of the archdeacon of Teviotdale (see _Fasti_, 248)
Source for Data Entry
Midlothian Charters, 'Soutra Registrum', no. 9
Trad. ID
Midl. Chrs., no. 9
Calendar number
Charter type
Watt says that the text is probably faulty. On surname, see Black, Surnames, 678

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