People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/598/2 (Pais. Reg., 180-3)

John de Wardrobe and Mary, his spouse, not that by royal letters they have brought litigation against Paisley Abbey, before Malcolm, earl of Lennox and his baillies in his court, concerning the lands of Cochno (DNB), Edinbarnet (DNB), Faifley (DNB), ‘Backan’ (?DNB), and ‘Druncreue’ (DNB), which they claimed in the name and right of Dougal, late rector of [Old] Kilpatrick. The abbey has shown that the instrument of Dougal and Alwin, his father, show that the lands were and are of right, propriety and possession of the said church. Thus, John and Mary wish and grant that the said abbey shall have the said lands. They renounce all rights which they had to them. They also wish, grant and establish by the present script to the earl of Lennox, jurisdiction, authority and full power. They have taken an oath before Sir Robert, bishop of Glasgow.
Firm date
29 January 1273 X 1283
Probable date
prob. 1273
Dating Notes
consecration of Robert bishop of Glasgow × death of Alexander Stewart; prob. same time as _Pais. Reg._, no.190
Source for Data Entry
Paisley Registrum, 180-3
Trad. ID
Pais. Reg., 180-3
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