People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/585/5 (Panmure Reg., ii, 140-1)

Christina de Valognes, in her pure widowhood, has given, granted and by this her present charter established to her faithful and beloved John of Liddel, for his homage and service, Panlathy (ANG) and ‘Balbanein’ (perhaps Balbinny, Angus), which she accepted in exchange from Sir Henry de Balliol, knight, namely, all the land of Balbanin and Panlathy, which Sir Peter Maule, her late husband, and she gave and granted to Thomas of Liddel father of the said John, in feu and heritage, with all its pertinents and liberties, for an annual rent of 3s. to the lord earl of Angus, and rendering annually to Christina, in recognition of the said land, one sore hawk or 6d., at Pentecost, for all service, exaction and demand.
Firm date
22 June 1254 X
Probable date
perhaps 1250s
Dating Notes
_Arb. Lib._, no. 366 (at which time Sir Peter Maule is still alive) × David Beaton witnesses Arbroath charters by Earl Malcolm of Angus prior to 1242 (_Arb. Lib._, no. 112, App. no. 4).
Source for Data Entry
Panmure Registrum, ii, 140-1.
Trad. ID
Panmure Reg., ii, 140-1
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
Lost? NAS GD 45? Brechin Castle? Note that Henry de Balliol was the husband of Christina’s sister Lora.

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
22 Jun. 1254 X Panlathy and Balbinnie (ANG) Christiana or Christina, daughter of William de Valognes, wife of Peter de Maule