People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/6/434 (RRS, ii, no. 467)

King William declares privileges and regulations of burgh of Perth. No foreign merchant is to trade within sheriffdom of Perth outwith burgh; no village in sheriffdom may have a tavern; burgesses of Perth are to have their merchant guild, save for fullers and weavers; no one dwelling in sheriffdom outwith burgh may make dyed cloth or motley except for king's burgesses of Perth; sheriff of Perth is to seize cloth of those caught with illegal dyed or shorn cloth; king grants his peace to those bringing wood and timber to Perth, and forbids anyone to disturb those who come to sell or buy these commodities; no one from outwith burgh shall buy or sell hides or wool save in burgh
Firm date
10 October, 1205 X 1210
Probable date
Dating Notes
10th of October; Attestation of Henry son of Earl David × appointment of William del Bois to chancellorship; probable date based on William Comyn not being called justiciar and royal itinerary
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RRS, ii, no. 467
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RRS, ii, no. 467
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Original (non-contemporary)

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