People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/377/1 (Forsyth, Book of Deer, V (1))

Duncan son of Macbethad son of Ided, gave Auchmachar (ABD) to Christ, Drostán and Columba (of Deer), in freedom till Judgement.
Firm date
circa 1150 X
Dating Notes
3/115/1 ×
Source for Data Entry
K. Forsyth, ed., Studies in the Book of Deer, 140-41, Text V (1)
Trad. ID
Forsyth, Book of Deer, V (1)
Calendar number
Charter type
Note that Mael-Feichín and Comgell appear in other notes, presuming that Comgell is the son of Cainnech, toisech of Clann Chanann (3/115/1), and Mael-Feichín is the man who witnessed the gift by Colbain, mormaer of Buchan (3/12/3).

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
circa 1150 X Gift of Auchmachar (ABD) yes Coimgell; Gilchrist mac Fingéne; Máel F(h)échín; Malcolm mac Moilíne