People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/646/10 (Scone Lib., no. 88)

Richard of Leicester, burgess of Perth, has given and granted, and by this his present charter established to Scone Abbey one booth in the villa of Perth, namely, that one which he formerly bought from Kenneth (?) of Scone, which is situated at the corner of North Street and the street that runs towards the church of St John the Baptist on the west side, having and holding in perpetuity, free and quit, provisioning a wax-light perpetually to light the altar of Blessed Mary in the church of St John of Perth.
Firm date
Probable date
Mid 13th century
Dating Notes
Compare to charter of Richard dated 1240 (_Inchaff. Chrs._, no. 69)
Source for Data Entry
Scone Liber, no. 88
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Scone Lib., no. 88
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