People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/419/1 (Moncreiffes, no. 1)

Philip de Moubray and Galiena, his spouse, have given and granted and by this their charter established to Hugh son of William for his homage and service Kinmonth in the parish of Moncreiffe (PER) by its right bounds and with all its just pertinents, in feu and heritage, for the service of ¼ part of a knight.
Firm date
circa 1196 X 5 November 1215
Probable date
perhaps circa 1205×
Dating Notes
Philip de Moubray’s earliest attestations to royal charters around 1196 or 1197 (_RRS_ ii, nos. 393, 397) × death of Philip de Valognes. William Olifard witnessed only one extant charter of William I, in 1205 or 1206 (_RRS_ ii, no. 460). Ingram de Balliol witnessed royal charters in probably 1205 (_RRS_ ii, no. 468) and probably 1211 (_Ibid._, no. 496). David de la Haye’s earliest appearance in royal charters dates to 1189×94 (_RRS_ ii, no. 302).
Source for Data Entry
Moncreiffes, no. 1
Trad. ID
Moncreiffes, no. 1
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
Easter Moncreiffe, Moncreiffe Muniments, 4/1 Barrow, Anglo-Norman Era, App. B, 185-6

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
circa 1196 X 5 Nov. 1215 clerk Robert Mowbray, clerk