People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/6/456 (RRS, ii, no. 490)

King William to Hospital of St Andrews; has given for maintenance of poor pilgrims who come to it, one mark yearly from burgh ferme of Crail (FIF), [in exchange] for annual mark which it used to receive from land of Auchtermuchty (FIF), which king has given free of burden of that rent to Earl Malcolm of Fife. He instructs his sheriff and baillies in Crail to allow them to have this this without disturbance
Firm date
14 January, 1205 X 1210
Probable date
14/Jan, 1209 × 1210
Dating Notes
14th day of January; appointment of William Comyn to justiciarship × William del Bois' appointment as chancellor; king was ill at Kintore in early 1211
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Source for Data Entry
RRS, ii, no. 490
Trad. ID
RRS, ii, no. 490
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
14 Jan., 1205 X 1210 king of Scots William I, king of Scots (d.1214)
14 Jan., 1205 X 1210 justice William Comyn, earl of Buchan (d.1233)
14 Jan., 1205 X 1210 clerk (king's) William del Bois, chancellor (d.1232)
14 Jan., 1205 X 1210 clerk (king's) Hugh de Sigillo, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1229 or 1230)
14 Jan., 1205 X 1210 earl of Fife Malcolm (I), earl of Fife (d.1229)
14 Jan., 1205 X 1210 sheriff Unknown, sheriff of Fife (TRW)