People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/625/2 (Balm. Lib., no. 28)

Henry and his wife Ada, neptis of Richard, bishop of Dunkeld, have sold and granted and by this their charter established to Gilbert, son-in-law of Uhtred, half of their land in the villa of Perth which they hold by the gift of John (Scot), bishop of Dunkeld, in feu and heritage, free and quit from all exaction and custom, paying annually to John, bishop of Dunkeld, and his successors, one pound of pepper on the feast of St Peter ad Vincula, for the aforesaid half of land which they are selling to Gilbert, and for the other half which they are retaining, they will owe Bishop John and his successors annually.
Firm date
1 October 1182 X 1203
Dating Notes
John Scot as bishop of Dunkeld.
Source for Data Entry
Balmerino Liber, no. 28
Trad. ID
Balm. Lib., no. 28
Calendar number
Charter type
Confirmed by Bishop John of Dunkeld, 1182×1203 (2/6/12).

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1 Oct. 1182 X 1203 Land of Henry and Ada, neptis of Bishop Richard of Dunkeld Henry, husband of Ada, neptis of Richard, bishop of Dunkeld; Ada, neptis of Bishop Richard of Dunkeld