People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/543/1 (NRS, RH 5/37)

John, the man of the king of Castile, and master of the ship lost at ‘Inch Guala’, to King Alexander III, relating how they sailed from Bordeaux to London, and were driven by tempest to the isles of Innse Gall [the Hebrides], where they put in at harbour and remained 20 hours. Alan Rodric’s men came with the king’s sealed letter that the ship should go to a better port. When they went to Alan’s port, he took all the goods out of the ship, leaving only two men. The anchors and cables of the ship broke, and she was cast ashore. When the ship was broken up, Alan took all the goods. He asks King Alexander to do him justice in his court.
Firm date
1285 X 19 March 1286
Dating Notes
x death of Alexander III
Source for Data Entry
NRS, RH 5/37
Trad. ID
NRS, RH 5/37
Calendar number
Charter type
Letter (correspondence)
Original (contemporary)
NRS, RH 5/37 In Castilian Spanish. Formerly TNA, C 47/22/5/23.

Total number of associated factoids: 7

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Sealed letter of king stating ship should move to better port no
1285 X 19 Mar. 1286 Petition to Alexander III concerning a shipwreck at ‘Inch Guala’ yes

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
1285 X 19 Mar. 1286 king of Castile Sancho IV, king of Castile (d.1295)
1285 X 19 Mar. 1286 king Alexander III, king of Scots (d.1286)
1285 X 19 Mar. 1286 master/captain of a ship John, man of king of Castile, ship's master