People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/369/9 (RMS, iii, no. 2132 (5))

Thomas of Lundin, for the welfare of the souls of himself, his father and his grandfather Philip, and his mother, has granted to the Hospital of the Blessed Nicholas of St Andrews (FIF), and the lepers serving God there, a toft and croft in Lundin (FIF), which John de Maleville held, between the burn and the pit or dyke (fossa) and an acre of land on the west side next to the hill of Gamell, in pure alms, free from all secular service forinsec and domestic (intrinseco). He has also granted common pasture for 40 sheep, six draught animals and three horses and one sow with six piglets.
Firm date
1200 X 1212
Dating Notes
William as dean of Fife (or dean of Crail).
Source for Data Entry
RMS, iii, no. 2132, pt. 5
Trad. ID
RMS, iii, no. 2132 (5)
Calendar number
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
1200 X 1212 dean of Fife William of Crail, dean of Fife/Crail
1200 X 1212 grieve of Crail Walter, grieve of Crail
1200 X 1212 clerk Terry, clerk
1200 X 1212 servise ('ale') (M) Andrew Granservise ('great ale')
1200 X 1212 servise ('ale') (M) Gilbert Granservise ('great ale')

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1200 X 1212 Toft and croft in Lundin (FIF) John Melville
1200 X 1212 Hill of Gamel (in Lundin, FIF) Gamel, son of Thor