People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/646/7 (Scone Lib., no. 96)

Matilda, formerly the wife of John the furber, and all the brothers and kinsmen as well of the said John as of the wife, and the whole body corporate of Perth, to all Christ’s faithful. With the common advice of their kinsmen and friends the burgesses, and of the whole body corporate of Perth, they have quitclaimed on behalf of the issue of John Furber of Perth to the abbot and canons of Scone the whole right that the same issue had or could have had in the land laid waste by flood and fire, to wit, that which John the furber, father of the aforesaid issue, bought from Gilbert son of Udard of Forfar and his wife Christina for 3 marks that the aforesaid abbot and canons gave to them for the benefit of the aforesaid issue, which land, understand, was adjudged to the same canons in full court on account of the default of the payment of one mark that the same canons received yearly from the aforesaid land and was late for many years; and although they were able to possess the land adjudged to the same by common law, nevertheless, so that they could administer it by full and peaceful right in perpetuity, they have given the above-mentioned money to the aforesaid issue out of the excess; this is therefore that land that lies between the land of Amabilla and the land of Arnold on the other side, since the front of the same land belonged to the canons by long possession; rendering yearly to the lord King in respect of it 12d. and to Albert of Dundee 4s.
Firm date
X 6 September 1236
Dating Notes
× papal mandate for Geoffrey de Liberatione’s consecration as bishop of Dunkeld. Probably fairly soon before, as this is the earliest attestation of Master John of Everley as master. Note that Geoffrey became clerk of the liverance by 30 June 1228 (_ES_, ii, 500; _Fasti_, 124).
Source for Data Entry
Scone Liber, no. 96
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Scone Lib., no. 96
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
X 6 Sept. 1236 Land in Perth Amabel (of Perth)
X 6 Sept. 1236 Land in Perth Arnold (of Perth)