People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/98/5 (NRS, GD 90/1/19)

Abbot William and the convent of Scone have given, granted and by this their present charter established at feuferme to Christian de Insula (de l’Isle/ Lyle or ‘of the Inch’), burgess of Perth, all their land which William of ‘Ballussy’ formerly held of them in the villa of Perth in Water Street, which lay between the land of Henry White on the north and the late Master Thomas Bell on the south, holding and having in perpetuity for their service, as attested in the charter to them from Sir Roger de Quincy, saving to them their court on the said land, rendering annually one stone of wax on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and supporting all honours contained on the said land.
Firm date
15 October 1273 X 1284
Probable date
perhaps 19 May 1280×
Dating Notes
Thomas Bell of Perth’s charter (2/40/13) × succession of Hugh, abbot of Scone
Source for Data Entry
NRS, GD 90/1/19
Trad. ID
NRS, GD 90/1/19
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NRS, GD 90/1/19 Cf. Scone Liber, no. 167

Total number of associated factoids: 10

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Charter (gift?) of Roger de Quincy concerning land in Watergate of Perth no
15 Oct. 1273 X 1284 Gift of land in watergate of Perth (PER) yes

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
15 Oct. 1273 X 1284 abbot of Scone William, abbot of Scone (fl.1273x84)
15 Oct. 1273 X 1284 burgess of Perth Christian de l'Isle, sheriff of Perth
15 Oct. 1273 X 1284 Master Thomas of Perth (Bell), master (fl.1259-75)
15 Oct. 1273 X 1284 Dominus (Lord/Sir) Roger de Quincy, earl of Winchester (d.1264)