People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/53/4 (RRS, v, no. 4)

Robert, king of Scots, informs his sheriffs and bailies of Forfar that alienations of land belonging to the abbot and monks of his monastery of Arbroath, of which he has patronage, however or whereever they may be made within his kingdom, he considered to be revoked by means of the tenor of the present act, and saisine [is to be placed] in king’s hands until what time each case of alienation may have been pleaded by law in the king's presence, and indeed the king reserves the right to examine everything in his person. The king firmly orders and mandates the sheriffs and bailies that sasine is to be placed in the king's hands of all the lands, teinds and returns of the monastery of Arbroath which are within their jurisdiction, thus alienated, or which they may have discovered are alienated into the hands of a secular person, and they should cause fermes, teinds and renders to be levied until what time the sheriffs and bailies may have [something stating] the opposite in the form of a mandate from the king, which concerns this specifically.
Firm date
14 October 1308
Dating Notes
on the 14th day of the month of October in the third year of our reign
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RRS, v, no. 4
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RRS, v, no. 4
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
14 Oct. 1308 Kingdom of Scotland Robert [Bruce] I, king of Scots (d.1329)
14 Oct. 1308 Unspecified lands, teinds and returns Arbroath Abbey (fd.1178)