People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/33/28 (Arb. Lib., no. 244)

William of Lamberton, bishop of St Andrews, records an agreement between lord John of Kinnimouth, bishop of Brechin, and his chapter, on the one hand, and lord John, abbot of Arbroath, and his convent, on the other, concerning the churches of Panbride, Dunnichen, Monikie, Kingoldrum, Maryton and Catterline (ANG) in the diocese of Brechin. William ordains that the church of Brechin may have, hold and possess the church of Catterline and the church of Maryton, with the lands and teinds of Maryton, which the bishops of Brechin held before the bishop’s ordination, along with all the lands and teinds pertaining to the church of Maryton, and the land of Isaacton (ANG) with its right bounds, and also all the just pertinents and liberties which they held in the time of peace. They will make secure and will warrant this land in perpetuity, and forty pennies of sterling from the annual pension the church of Dunnichen is to be received during the feast of Saint Martin in winter, in perpetuity. And additionally, from now on they may have, by full right, the tribute of the vicarages of the churches of Panbride, Kingoldrum, Monikie and Dunnichen, from the vicars of the same churches now living, withdrawing, dying, or by other legitimate reasons retired. The bishop will revive [the churches], and additional specifications are made concerning the sustenance of their priests. On the other hand, William ordains that the abbot and convent of Arbroath may have, hold and possess the rectories or parsonages of the churches of Panbride, Monikie, Kingoldrum and Dunnichen, without any ordinary burdens (i.e. episcopal burdens); however, he reserves to the bishop of Brechin, whomever he may be at the time, the reasonable jurisdiction of the rectories or parsonages pertaining to him by established competence or custom. William also ordains addition specifications applicable to each party.
Firm date
21 October 1304
Dating Notes
on the 21st day of October in the year of grace 1304
Place date (modern)
Arbroath Abbey (chapterhouse)
Place date (document)
capitulo monasterij de Abirbr'
Related Place
Arbroath Abbey
Source for Data Entry
Arbroath Liber, no. 244
Trad. ID
Arb. Lib., no. 244
Calendar number
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
21 Oct. 1304 Churches of Catterline and Maryton (ANG) with lands and teinds of Maryton Bishops of Brechin