People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/53/10 (RRS, v, no. 7)

Robert, king of Scots, addresses his justiciars, sheriffs, grieves and bailies stating that the venerable father, Robert, bishop of Glasgow, for the rights of the church and the kingdom of Scotland, has consistently and patiently supported the efforts of the king, and the king grants to him all his churches, lands, property, returns and possessions, and also all his goods, by the tenor of the present [charter]. Henceforth, the king firmly orders and mandates that the officials should make sure that all the churches, lands, property, returns, possessions and all the goods of the lord bishop, which are occupied by the officials or some other person within their jurisdiction, are to be released to Lord Bernard, his chancellor, to Master Stephen of Dunnideer, canon of the church of Glasgow and his chamberlain, to the vicars of the lord bishop or to whomever other, one or many, by themselves, by another, by substitute or by substitution. The king firmly prohibits the officials to trouble the aforesaid, and anyone who goes against the king’s wishes faces his full forfeiture.
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26 April 1309
Dating Notes
on the 26th day of April in the fourth year of our reign
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RRS, v, no. 7
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RRS, v, no. 7
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Letter (administrative)

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